Thursday, January 1, 2015

Quest for the Absolute Truth

When we say that grapes are green or the book cover is red, is that the absolute truth? We have studied in Physics that things appear to have a colour because it reflects back light of that particular colour and absorbs the rest. That is why the grapes appear green and book cover appears red. Moreover, some insects see the grape as purple due to the eye filter they have. So, can we say with certainty that the colour we see is the absolute truth?

When someone says they can count from 1 to 10 and rattle off the whole numbers 1,2,3......10, is that the absolute truth? What about the decimals that come in between eg. 1.25, 3.458 etc? Moreover, is counting in steps of 1 the only way to count from 1 to 10? What if we count as 1,3,5......? Is that not correct? So can we say with certainty that this is the absolute truth?

We can never know the beginning or end of anything. Say we plant a seed and it grows into a tree which is later cut down to make wood. Is the seed the true beginning? Where did the seed come from? What happens to the cut wood? Can we know where the coffee bean used to make our coffee comes from? So can we say we know the absolute truth?

The same incident is reported differently by different news channels even at the same point of time. There are several guesses about why an airplane crashed or tsunami came. The historians have different views on the greatness of Alexander the Great or legend of Mahatma Gandhi. Can we know with certainty what is the absolute truth?

When science experiments do not follow the pattern proved till the current one, the scientists come up with Chaos Theory and the like for the unexplained. Is even that explanation the absolute truth?

What we say and know is the "perceived truth". Possibly that is why they say that the world is an Illusion/Maya. We are in this world with many unanswered questions and one of them is the quest for the Absolute Truth. I am near the beginning of my journey. Would you like to join and enlighten me?


  1. Good to see you back after so long! Well, nowhere close to the truth yet, but these questions have fascinated me for a long time too. Hoping to read much more!
    Had written this on similar lines a few years back:

    1. Good post! These are the unanswered questions that fascinate humans from time immemorial. The ones who get the answers possibly attain moksha and do not get back into this cycle of rebirth in order to enlighten the others. Each one needs to possibly find the key for himself.


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