Saturday, February 26, 2011

Contradictions are here to stay

Life has taught me an important lesson – contradictions are here to stay. Am not talking about the Left vs Right way of doing things OR the fact that whatever your mouth utters, irrespective of how great the idea is, in the first 30 seconds, someone will promptly try to gun it down. (I would soon dedicate a whole post on this topic that is soooo close to my heart!) This post is about the fact that when we wish for something NOT to happen, whether you like it or not, believe it or not, exactly THAT will happen. If you start to closely observe your life, delve into your past, you will slowly and surely be able to wipe out the dust from the memories to identify multiple such instances. Then you can learn from it and 'think right' (no pun intended!) in the future.

I was living in a 'hep and happening' city when I was of 'marriageable age' and my grandparents were in another 'slow and dull' city. All I asked for in a suitable match was (not to mention the 100 odd 'must-have' attributes in the list!) NOT to find a partner in the 'slow and dull' city. Guess what? That is exactly the city into which I got married! For the records, I would like to state that my perception of that city soon offense to the warm hearted souls who come from there or have spent a considerable part of their life there - I am also one of them! When I used to pass by a specific colony while visiting relatives, I thought and said 'I wish I do NOT have to come to this colony!' Somehow the people walking around there did not give me the best vibes. Now guess what? I went and lived in that very colony for a good 10 years of my life! My favourite cousin for years had said that he did NOT want to marry in June, the hottest month in the city. He also went ahead to comment that those who did so were the biggest fools! Your guess is absolutely right! All the forces of nature conspired to ensure that he got married in that very month on possibly the hottest day of the year!

This is the corollary of 'Believe in your dreams', 'Be careful what you wish for since it will come true', 'Think big and you will make it big'! When you believe in something positive, want something to happen (not to NOT happen) the Fates work in your favour and make it work. Many a sacred soul has time and again said that you need to first feel and live your victory, then you will be a winner. The key is thus to think positive - think that you will be a winner, get what you want, clear your exam, get this job, find a compatible life-partner and NOT to think that you will NOT lose, NOT give up what you want, NOT flunk the exam, NOT find a bad spouse.

Remember that contradictions are here to stay. The only way to win them is to move the weights on the other side of the balance. Think POSITIVE and have FAITH. Things will work as you desire them to.

Would you like to share instances where you have seen the contradictions of life?

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