Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Walking trip to Aspelt (near France border)

It was a lovely summer day (16th June 2009 morning) with beautiful sunshine (and no rain!) when some St. George’s Moms went out for a walking trip from Trudi’s house. It is better to do some exercise and earn your breakfast some days, don’t you think?! Ten things that I enjoyed most about the walk:

1. People – The company was great! Met some Moms who have moved in recently(just like me) and some who have been living here for many years…People from different continents, all comparing Luxembourg with what they used to/can do back home…we all love to do that right?! Strollers with babies, a beautiful little dog and health conscious Moms, completed the team! All had wonderful stories to tell about their moving in experiences. I could make notes on places to visit, new things to see, classes where I can put my kids after school etc!

2. Majestic Horses - No, we did not have to visit a zoo or the races to see beautiful brown stallions in the fields! There were 2 particularly well built, tall, elegant ones that stole my heart away! I need to learn horse riding !

3. Cows who have a mind of their own–The walking route was barricaded when we reached at a point and we soon found out that it was because the farmers were trying to herd the cows into a particular field. As we were all waiting to get an up, close and personal look at the beautiful cows (we had brought the baby strollers closer to the barricade and I was all set with my camera waiting to shoot) suddenly the cows turned around and started running back from where they came! The farmer who was at the end of the herd and guiding them with a stick a minute back, was now running away from them as soon as he saw them turn back in his direction! What a sight!!

4. Authentic smell of a village – On a particular stretch of the road, we could complete the experience of a village, thanks to the smell! It was probably because of the wet hay/cut grass mixed with cowdung! Nevertheless, biodiversity should be respected.

5. Wheat fields – I am a native of Northern India where wheat is the staple food. Since I have been brought up in cities around the world all my life, I had never seen it grow. It was only during the walk that I got an opportunity to see vast expanses of wheat fields growing beautifully!

6. Scenic Luxembourg – It is known as a Green city, with nearly 90% vegetation even in the city. The green fields on both sides of the walking road, clear blue skies above, faraway hills and cows grazing in the fields painted a beautiful picture of Luxembourg that has been amply blessed by Mother Nature.

7. Dog sharing stroller with baby – I had never seen this site before! The little fluffy doggy became cosy and comfortable in the baby’s stroller. The little baby was more than happy to have the dog on her lap! The sight brought a smile on the faces of workers on the crane that we saw along the way too!

8. Exercise – Although I must confess I did not do very brisk walking, the exercise made the walk worth it! Also, at the coffee thereafter, I got tips for preparing for the marathon! Aiming for next year!

9. Cosy playroom – My daughter loved the playroom in Trudi’s house – especially the synthesizer – she loved to sing and play it! She also played merrily in the sand pit with toys while we enjoyed conversation with coffee.

10. Warmth and hospitality – All the people I have met in the city have been very warm and friendly, so I am convinced that this is the “normal” way for here. Despite that, I get touched by excellent hospitality/openness and must thank Nicola (for the car ride), Pam (for French tips), Liesbeth (for Gladiator stories), Marie (for sharing why it is a great place for kids), Michelle (for sharing new joiner experiences at school) and Trudi (for excellent tea/coffee and care).

Looking forward to the next walk!

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