Tuesday, February 3, 2009

9 ways to make Valentine's Day special

“Oh! It’s the seven year itch…try to do something different for Valentine’s Day and bring back the memories of yester- years. That should do wonders for your relationship!” said Rajni. Taking her advice to heart I sit down to plan my Valentine’s Day this year. On goes my thinking cap and I pen down my thoughts to make it a special one:

1. Model wax hands
– this seems to be the latest craze in town amongst the teenagers, who incidentally are my source of inspiration, especially for a concept such as Valentine’s Day. At some malls, there’s a counter where the lovesome twosomes walk by, hand in each other’s jeans back-pocket, and take it out only near the wax model counter. There they clutch onto each other’s hands, dip it into cold water, then hot wax and then cold water again. After two minutes the wax coating is pulled off the hands, scraped to give a superb finish and handed over to them as souvenir of their togetherness. Such a romantic way to say “Let’s walk the road of life – hand in hand”.

2. Cosy theater tickets at multiplexes
– Prepared with special sofas made just for two, away from the prying eyes where lovebirds can enjoy a movie in each other’s company. Popcorn, pepsi and plush cushion to go with it.

3. Go bowling
– Spend the evening at the Bowling Alley - bowling, playing air hockey, billiards and relishing the food. Be sure to make him win the game so that he comes back feeling the satisfied man.

4. Enjoy a boat ride
– Hire a small shikara or steam boat near a jetty and go off for a two hour escapade. Remember to carry wine and cheese to complete the romantic effect of staring at the city skyline.

5. Treasure hunt
- Pass on a note to him telling him where to find the next clue. Let each clue lead from one place in the house to another and end at the treasure - a mirror! This gesture is sure to sweep him off his feet!

6. Call him on his cellphone, from yours, and play a mushy love song
– A George Michael or Madonna can probably do what your voice can’t.

7. Hammer away on your keyboard till he gets curious to see what’s up
– when he peeps on the screen, it should reveal a beautifully written love poem addressed to him. Download from google.com if you can’t write, Ma’am!

8. Hand-make a card
– Instead of buying one from the store, give your drawing and coloring skills a shot. It’s the thought that counts, not the card, remember?!

9. Ferrero Rocher chocolates and flowers
- Remember to order for these to reach you on Valentine’s Day morning. Be extremely happy to see the gifts delivered at your doorstep and thank him profusely. He will be too embarrassed to say that he did not send them, and the unseen competition will sure make him want to try harder!

I could not come up with Ten Commandments, in case you were looking for point number ten! Nevertheless, aren’t some of these worth a try?


  1. U r a dude!!! Valentine's day tips..
    Why r u not advising guys?!

  2. this is from the oft neglected side of things! lots of tips exist for guys already!


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